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Vendors are invited to buy, sell or trade vinyl albums, compact discs, cassettes, and other music related items. Vendors are responsible for their own transactions, and may determine how payments may be made (cash, checks, credit cards, or trade). Space is available for tables (approximately 8’x30”) at $40 each, or $20 for a half-table or circle table. (Half-table partners will be assigned by the event organizers.)




Torn Light
Sugarcube Records
Another Part of the Forest
A Separate Reality Records (Cleveland) 

Astro Black Records (Louisville)

Omega Records (Dayton)
Raven Records & Rarities (Knoxville)
Wondertwin Records (Columbus)

Mind Cure Records (Pittsburgh)
Odds & Ends Collectibles (Indianaplis)
Kenneth Haverly (Massachusetts)
Aki Takeda (Michigan)
Vinyl Shock (Columbus)
Ron House (Columbus)
Dean Rinehart (Columbus)
Jim Gardner (Louisville)
Greg Durrica Jr. (Cleveland)
Jaren Lykins (Dayton) 
John Papanek (Louisville)
Kirk Williams (Louisville)

Tim Barnes (Louisville)

Dan Rizer (Dayton)

Melvin Dillon (Soul Step Records)

Robert Inhuman (Realicide Youth Records)

Ryan Hall (Helligator Records)

Alex Cobb (Students of Decay)
Trash Flow Radio 
Thomas Ammann 

Rod Sounik
Jorin Edgerly
Jon Lorenz 
Dan Hargraves
Steve Spatt
Tom Kappas 
Douglas Bauerle 
Tony Semona 
Jeff Bruce 
Jeff Wilson 

Grant Smith
Jim Albers 
Rob Kopfer
Larry Malott

Kenneth Yao

Ed Garcia

Zach Miller

Jeremy Zang

Marty Shotgunblast

Cheryl Asher

Tyler Games

Jeremy Wright

William Flint

Dan Cooper

Bill Lyman

Jonathan Goolsby

Leroy Purcey

Manny Vergara III

Shawn Abnoxious





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